Ashley Church of England Primary School in Walton-on-Thames in Surrey is run by the Good Shepherd Trust (GST), a Multi Academy Trust owned by the Diocese of Guildford.

Autumn 2019

9 Sep - Co-head teachers of Ashley School, Mr Dunne and Mrs Stevens, send out their first school newsletter of the academic year.

"We are both very much looking forward to working together in our co-headship role." they say.

12 Sep - A note appears three days later in the Ashley School newsletter. It is from Mrs Stevens. She says:
"I would like to inform you that Mr. Dunne is currently away from school for the next few weeks and unable to meet or correspond with parents during this time. As Co-Head for Ashley, I will lead the school during this time, working closely with the school leadership team and the Local Governing Committee."
12 Sep - 2 Oct - concerns begin to grow about Mr Dunne's absence. Parents are, understandably asking questions of staff. Staff don't appear to know anything.

3 Oct - another note appears in the Ashley School newsletter, stating:
"Mr Dunne is away from work for reasons that are confidential and personal to him, and we must respect his privacy during this time. Could we ask therefore that staff are not put in a tricky position through being asked questions that they cannot answer / not in a position to answer." [my italics]
Mrs Stevens is confirmed as returning as full time head teacher.

3 Oct - present - the playground and school gate becomes awash with rumours about what has happened to Mr Dunne. Some people think he's suffered a close family bereavement, others that he might be having a breakdown or worse. This appears to be a direct result of the GST's statement that Mr Dunne's absence is "confidential and personal to him" and that he is "unable" to correspond with parents.

Letters from parents go in to the Good Shepherd Trust (GST - the Multi Academy Trust (MAT) which runs Ashley School) and Local Governing Committee (LGC - aka the governors) asking what on earth is going on.

12/13 Oct - the parents fundraise for a Fortnum and Mason hamper which is ordered for the Dunne family.

14 Oct - a message of thanks is received from Richard Dunne saying:
"Please will you pass on my love and thanks to everyone and say I am extremely touched by their support at this difficult and slightly surreal time."
This is the first time anyone has heard from Richard Dunne since his disappearance.

15 Oct - The GST send out an email asking parents not to “add to speculation” and stating that “the Trust is unable to provide further information about Mr Dunne’s absence which remains a personal and confidential matter for him.”

16 Oct - Nick Wallis posts a message on the Ashley Parents Community Forum page on facebook, stating:
"If Mr Dunne were absent for personal reasons, he would say so... If an organisation tells you someone is absent for personal reasons and you cannot get that confirmed by the person in question, you are being played... If an organisation tells you that they cannot comment further in order to protect the privacy of someone who suddenly seems unable to speak for themselves, you are being played... The organisation is likely only protecting one thing - itself - and is using its clout to control the narrative and flow of information."
16 Oct - NW reaches out to Richard Dunne's parish vicars, Cathy and Jonny Blair through a mutual friend to see what pastoral support they might be able to provide for Mr Dunne.

17 Oct - Message comes back from mutual friend: "Cathy tells me RD pastoral care must come from the trust."

17 Oct - Under pressure from unnamed school governors, the parent facebook admins take NW's post down. You can read it in full here.

18 Oct - a group of concerned parents write a letter to the GST outlining their concerns about Richard Dunne's absence. It is signed by 309 people. Read it here.

21 Oct - Around 50 concerned parents meet upstairs at the Anglers. The Ashley 4 Transparency (A4T) group is born. The A4T group resolves to seek a meeting with the GST and parent governors.

21 - 23 Oct - individual concerned parents write letters to local MP Dominic Raab, the LGC, the schools regional commissioner, Surrey County Council and the Bishop of Guildford.

24 Oct - the GST responds to the letter signed by 309 parents stating:
"The Trust understands that these unusual circumstances can sometimes result in frustration. The Trust shares this frustration in not being able to provide more information at this time, which it recognises is extremely challenging for all parties concerned. The Trust looks forward to communicating more openly and sharing with parents, when it is able to do so."
29 Oct - parents who have contacted Claire Burton, the Regional Schools Commissioner
South East and South London, receive a generic two line dismissal of their concerns.

5 Nov - Richard Dunne and Ashley School's local MP (the Foreign Secretary), Dominic Raab, tells the GST their letter of 24 Oct is not good enough, stating:
"I think it is unreasonable for the Trust not to set out any substantive explanation at all for Mr Dunne’s absence after such a long period," 
"it is incumbent on both Ashley Church of England Primary School and TGST to give parents a measure of transparency with regards to the leadership and governance of the school."
Mr Raab ccs his letter to the Secretary of State for Education and the head of Ofsted.

Read it in full here.

5 Nov - Ashley school staff, without input from the school's senior leadership team, send a letter in support of Mr Dunne to the Good Shepherd Trust. It notes Richard Dunne is:
"highly respected by the school community; teaching and support staff and the parent body, for his visionary leadership. There are many unique selling points that set Ashley apart from other schools. 
Richard has been the driving force behind our creative curriculum and pioneering sustainability model, which has been developed in partnership with the staff... Richard’s dedication to the children of Ashley School, its staff and community is inspirational...  
The staff feel great uneasiness and anxiety due to this situation and hope a positive resolution can be reached soon."
Read the full letter here.

6 Nov - NW writes to the Regional Schools Commissioner re her unhelpful response, forwarding Dominic Raab's intervention.

7 Nov - NW makes a Freedom of Information Act request for GST meeting minutes which reference Ashley School and all LGC meeting minutes going back to 2012.

11 Nov - A small group of parents who volunteered to help at the 21 Oct meeting at the Anglers get together. The result is an update circulated (on 13 Nov) to those on the A4T mailing list. The update can be read here.

11 Nov - Chair of the GST, Simon Walker, sends a reply to Dominic Raab (now an election candidate for Esher and Walton, rather than a sitting MP) telling him he is rather surprised by his request for information, noting:
"I hope that you will accept that we can say no more to you, or to the parents at this time. In my judgement, we have been as transparent and reassuring as possible, given the nature of what is taking place. As a responsible employer, we are concerned for Richard Dunne, his welfare and his right to confidentiality."
17 Nov - Mr Dunne sends a letter of resignation to the GST.

18 Nov - an improved response is received from Claire Burton and circulated to parents via the A4T email. It states:
"The RSC and the ESFA will only take formal action against an academy trust when a school within the trust has been judged inadequate by Ofsted or if a trust fails to comply with the academies financial and governance handbooks. For the above reasons, I hope you will understand why I cannot intervene further on the issues you and other parents have raised about Ashley school. 
The trust will provide a further update before the end of term."
Read the full email (and associated correspondence) here.

18 Nov - At 9.30am a secret disciplinary panel meeting is held by members of the GST in Mr Dunne's absence. In a subsequent letter to Mr Dunne, Simon Walker, Chair of the GST states:
"Prior to the hearing taking place, the Panel had been notified of a resignation that you had submitted on the evening of 17 November 2019, less than 12 hours before the hearing was to take place. The Panel had been informed that the Trust were treating this as an ambiguous resignation and, as a result, it was unclear whether you were still to be regarded as an employee of the Trust at that time. Therefore, the hearing proceeded."
18 Nov - At around midday, Richard Dunne sends a letter to Ashley School, asking it be shared with staff at their meeting after school. It wasn't.

18 Nov - At 5.05pm Richard Dunne emails an open resignation letter to staff, parents and children at Ashley School. He states:
"The Good Shepherd Trust has made a number of allegations about my performance regarding procedures and practices.  I strongly reject the allegations levied by the Trust, but, given the way the Trust has conducted itself so far, I do not believe that I will receive a fair hearing in relation to the concerns they have raised and so I have resigned.
"I am also resigning due to the total lack of care my family and I have received from the Trust during this time.  It has made the past few months intolerable and it is not fair on my family for this suffering to continue."
He adds:
"It has been the greatest honour of my life to have led Ashley School for so many years...
I am deeply saddened that after 18 years of devoted service to the school, I should be leaving in this way.  I wish you all every success in the future and thank you for so many happy years."
You can read the full text of the letter here.

18 Nov - A small group of parents, Laura Sutton, Ian Birdsey, Julia Jones and Andy Stocks meet with Alex Tear (CEO of the GST), Cathy Blair (vice-Chair of the school governors/LGC), Martyn McCarthy (governor/LGC member).

Lu Digweed takes notes for the parents group and Sally Condie from the GST takes notes for the GST. The GST refuse to allow the meeting to be recorded and threaten to cancel if any more than five parents turn up.

Eventually the minutes are agreed save for one section the GST wish to redact. They are published by the GST on 25 Nov (scroll down to read).

19 Nov - the GST issues a brief statement acknowledging Richard Dunne has left the school:
"The Good Shepherd Trust can confirm that Mr Richard Dunne has resigned from his post as Co-Headteacher at Ashley Church of England Primary School. He left the employment of the Trust on 17th November 2019. 
"We would like to thank Richard for his contribution over the last 18 years and wish him well for the future."
19 Nov - two staff meetings are held at Ashley School before lessons. Both directors of education at the Good Shepherd Trust, Amanda Johnston and Kate Evans attend. Rev. Cathy Blair, vice-chair of the board of governors attends, as does Jo Cambra, head of HR at the GST.

The GST statement is read out noting Richard Dunne resigned on 17 Nov. Why the GST waited two days to tell Ashley School staff is not mentioned.

In the second meeting, a teacher starts reading out Richard Dunne's 18 Nov letter to staff, parents and children for the benefit of those who haven't seen it.

Attempts are made by the Rev. Cathy Blair to shout down the staff member, but the staff member continues reading to the end. The staff member is then told what she has done is inappropriate and may have actively harmed Richard Dunne, though no explanation as to why is offered.

The staff member asks other members of staff to raise their hands if they thought she should have read out the letter. Almost all do.

"That's not unanimous, actually." observes Cathy Blair.

Towards the end of the meeting a member of staff observes that after 18 years of service, Richard and his family have been treated "atrociously" by the Good Shepherd Trust. The staff member alludes to other members of the community who could have been supportive and compassionate and weren't, which has left the staff feeling fearful and vulnerable.

The point is ignored.

20 Nov - The scheduled meeting between parents Anna Simms, Lesley Stockman and parent governors is cancelled by parent governor Gina Broadhurst.

20 Nov - Parents and chidren begin tying ribbons to the Ashley School railings, their clothing and their hair. Letters of support are sent to Mr Dunne. More letter-writing to officials by parents ensues.

21 Nov - Nigel Stapleton, Chair of the board of governors (LGC) issues a statement to parents/carers, cc'd to all staff:
"Members of the LGC and GST met with a small representative group of concerned parents on Monday evening (in response to a request from parents received before half-term) and responded to a range of questions about the school and the leadership going forward. Some agreed notes from this meeting will be issued to all parents as soon as possible. The LGC will consider a further meeting with parent representatives, once the notes from this meeting have been circulated."
Read the full letter here.

21 Nov - governors hold a meeting, led Nigel Stapleton. The minutes are released on 29 Nov. In the chairman's opening remarks, he appears to blame Richard Dunne for the school's current predicament.
"NS... thanked Gill Farmer for agreeing to attend the meeting; her experience from St Paul’s would be valuable to governors in dealing with the very difficult situation that we are faced with following the very unusual way in which Mr Dunne has handled his resignation as Co Head."
He suggests that some parents have somehow "perceived" the "reasons that are behind Mr Dunne's resignation" and thanks them for that saying:
"The staff and the LGC observed that the social media activity and unhelpful behaviour and language was clearly restricted to a minority of current parents, who had been joined by some parents who no longer had children at the school. They were pleased to have received so many supportive messages from other parents many of whom appear to have perceived, far better than some others, the reasons that are behind Mr Dunne’s resignation" [NW's italics]
NW writes to NS asking what on earth he is insinuating re some parents having better perception than others about RD's resignation. He receives no response.

Read the full minutes here.

23 Nov - parent governor Rob Baker tells another parent he has resigned from the LGC on 22 Nov. By 23 Dec this has still not been announced or publicly acknowledged by the GST/LGC. Nor have parents been advised as to whether he will be replaced and if so, by what mechanism.

25 Nov - Revs Cathy and Jonny Blair send a letter to parishioners attempting to explain their role in the debacle, and why they've done nothing for Richard Dunne. Contains the deathless line:
"We would have responded positively to any request for pastoral support from Mr Dunne and his family."
Read the full letter here.

25 Nov - Chair of the GST Simon Walker releases a statement: "our systems are fair and impartial"

Read the full statement here.

25 Nov - Agreed minutes of the 18 Nov meeting between parents and GST rep/LGC reps are released save for one section the GST wishes to omit:

Excerpts from the agreed minutes:

"IB [Ian Birdsey] asked AT [Alex Tear], CB [Cathy Blair] and MM [Martyn McCarthy] whether they personally considered Mr Dunne to be a talented and inspirational Head. AT, CB and MM stated that they were not able to endorse comments made as statements by IB."

"IB stated what is your personal view of the Co-Headteacher as head? Do you think he is an inspirational head? MM replied that’s difficult to comment on. CB added we’re here to represent Governors."

"LS [Laura Sutton] said what we’re getting at is – what happened outside this room is one thing we can’t discuss – in terms of his teaching, staffing, rolling out his successful formula –  we want to know if you were on board with his philosophy in that respect? CB replied to say that’s not relevant – we got in this situation and we can’t comment on anything else, it’s between him and his employer."

"LS... sought confirmation that the curriculum formula led by the Co-Headteacher would remain... Reservations were expressed by CB at the relevance of this question."

"CB said that sometimes people had to accept somethings are above their heads and leave those in charge to make decisions. IB said we want to reassure people the Governors are doing everything they can and asked AT to issue a statement to address this. AT responded that the Trust would not comment or give any statement."

Read the minutes of the meeting as published by the GST here.
Read the redacted paragraph here.

Meeting on 25 Nov at Esher RFC
25 Nov - 340 Parents, ex-parents and staff attend a meeting at Esher Rugby Club. A further 100 hands are raised when NW asks how many more partners would be present were it not for childcare or work commitments.


Former Ashley parent governor Laurence Koe.
Former Ashley clerk to the governors Sienna Alcock.
Former Ashley Head Teacher Mr Dunne (who received two standing ovations and left after reading his statement).
Former Ashley Assistant Head Teacher Dan Cadman.
Former Ashley teacher Tash Beeby.
Ashley parent Raine Peake.
Ashley parent Laura Sutton.
Ashley parent David Kendall.
Ashley parent Jules Jones.
Ashley parent Nick Wallis.

During the meeting parents are asked to volunteer for various committees/action groups.

At the end of the meeting a suggestion was made to ask the GST/LGC to set up a parent council. This was agreed with a near unanimous show of hands.

26 Nov - A4T group send a letter of thanks to all the meeting with various calls to action. Read it here.

27 Nov - Andy Stocks from the A4T sends a letter to Nigel Stapleton (Chair of LGC) and the Rev Cathy Blair (vice-chair of LGC) re the resolution at Esher RFC to set up a parent council. He states:
"A vote was held and it was agreed to propose to the LGC that a Parent Council is created. We have no preconceived ideas of how this might work but we do believe that a sharing of views from a wider parent perspective would be beneficial to give insight into how messages would land and even where the areas of concern lie."
To read the full email click here. On 9 Dec Mr Stocks receives a reply from Mr Stapleton stating:
"We started work on the Parent partnership well before the parent meeting to which you refer in your e mail. Ours is an initiative being led by the senior leadership - as should be the case - with strong encouragement from the LGB. So it does, therefore, supersede what was discussed at the Esher Rugby Club meeting.”
28 Nov - Surrey Advertiser publishes its first article on Mr Dunne's departure, headlined:

"'Visionary' Walton primary school head blames shock resignation on allegations over his performance"

29 Nov - Nigel Stapleton (LGC Chair) emails parents/carers, saying:
"The LGC fully recognises the unsettling situation that the whole Ashley School community are experiencing following the resignation of Mr Dunne. Some people have responded with strong emotions, which is to be understood given all that Mr Dunne has contributed to the school over the past 18 years."
"the LGC will accelerate one of the recommendations from a discussion paper on parent engagement that had been prepared over the summer. We will quickly set up an Ashley Parent Partnership (APP). We will shortly issue, for you to give us feedback, the proposed terms of reference and membership structure of the APP. Its key objective will be to provide a forum through which the views of a representative group of parents can be regularly and clearly heard by the senior leadership team and considered more effectively at our LGC meetings."
Read the statement in full here.

29 Nov - Mr Dunne sets up a crowdfunding page. On it, he says:
"Ashley School is an Outstanding school, and it has been the greatest honour of my life to have led the school for so long. I was forced to resign my position after a number of allegations were made by the Good Shepherd Trust against me, relating to procedures at the school.. 
The steps taken by the Trust threaten to destroy my professional reputation and I now need help to build a fighting fund, working with an employment lawyer, to defend my case. I will use the money raised to pay for legal representation and any associated costs. 
At the conclusion of any legal action, I will donate any excess funds raised to the Friends of Ashley (FOA), so that it can be spent on the children and their learning."
The link is here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/richard-dunne-fighting-fund - and will remain active until 31 Jan 2020.

4 Dec - Dominic Raab replies to the GST, telling them their letter of 11 November is not good enough:
"I believe TGST needs to properly and meaningfully engage with parents during this difficult time, so that their concerns are allayed and that they feel reassured as to the actions and approach of the Trust. I would be keen to understand what steps TGST intends to take moving forward to resolve the concerns expressed by parents and provide them with some reassurance."
7 Dec - The Xmas Bazaar is a roaring success.

10 Dec - GST CEO Alex Tear responds to Dominic Raab's letter of 4 Dec stating:
"Since your last letter, the Good Shepherd Trust has continued to work with the Local Governing Committee at the school to listen and engage with staff and parents who were concerned about the former Co-Headteacher’s resignation. 
This engagement has included: 
- meeting with a small number of parent representatives to listen to their concerns
- further communications from the Trust and the Local Governing Committee explaining why the matter will be remain confidential
- some new initiatives from the Local Governing Committee and the School Leadership Team to improve the partnership with parents going forward 
In addition to this, the Trust has been in direct contact with representatives from the Department of Education, The Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), an HMI inspector and the National & Regional Schools Commissioner. 
The Trust now intends to appoint a new substantive Headteacher for the school and has deployed a National Leader of Education (NLE) to work with the school going forward."
13 Dec - The GST announces that Ashley School has a new interim head teacher.
"The Trust is pleased to have appointed Mr Alex Clark, an experienced primary school Headteacher and National Leader of Education who will join the leadership team on the 6th January as Interim Headteacher. 
Additionally, Mrs Stevens has requested to return to her previous role as Deputy Headteacher in order to achieve a better work-life balance. While this allows Mrs Stevens to spend more time with her family, I am delighted her continued presence will allow the school to benefit from continuity at a senior level while we transition to a new substantive Headteacher."
18 Dec - Nigel Stapleton, chair of the LGC, announces in a circular that the LGC has launched the Ashley Parent Partnership:
"with the intention of enhancing the good relationships that the school already has with existing and prospective parents."
Mr Stapleton's circular also includes a link to the GST's annual accounts, which contains a very serious allegation by GST CEO Alex Tear about an un-named senior member of Ashley staff and his spouse. It notes:
"In relation to the procurement by a senior member of staff at Ashley CofE Primary School of catering services from a business operated by that senior member of staff's spouse. 
Payment for those catering services was authorised by that senior member of staff and made to a company in which the senior member of staff and their spouse were the only Directors (and 50/50 shareholders). 
This was a relevant business and pecuniary interest, but which had not in fact been included on the senior member of staff's Declaration of Interests, or otherwise disclosed by that senior member of staff as a conflict of interest, at any time since the school joined the Trust in the year ended 31 August 2015. 
Payments for those catering services procured through a series of undisclosed related party transactions totalled £6,900 (comprising £3,600 in the year ended 31 August 2015, £2,900 for the year ended 31 August 2016 and £400 during the year ended 31 August 2019)."
Is this why Mr Dunne was suspended at the beginning of term? Because he was running a catering racket with his wife?! The plot thickens...

23 Dec - Charlotte Dunne issues a strong rebuttal to the GST CEO's statement in the annual accounts, calling it "misleading", and noting:
"On Monday, 10th June of this year, the Trust’s Head of Finance, Di Goodhugh, emailed my husband to complete a form for the last workshop catering that I did on Wednesday, 14th November 2018 (a new caterer was appointed in November 2018 some ten months before this allegation even surfaced). 
However, when my husband requested the form for signing, the Trust’s Head of Finance did not send it. This failure to set it out on a declaration of interests is an administrative oversight and it is incredulous to suggest that the Trust were not aware of it."
She adds:
"This ongoing treatment of Richard by the Trust in its desire to not only get rid of him, but also to damage him and his reputation as much as possible is in stark contrast to the values of trust, love, courage, respect and integrity that the Trust claims to live by."
Read the rebuttal in full here.

27 Dec - Richard Dunne's fighting fund has been running for exactly a month. Over Christmas it passed the £20,000 mark, raising an average of £672 a day since it launched. The appeal will run until 31 Jan 2020. More here.

30 Dec NW writes an open letter to the GST/LGC suggesting the trust commission an independent inquiry into "how you managed to lose Mr Dunne, beginning with asking who was tasked to gather up the allegations against him, by whom and why."

Read the full letter here.

Spring 2020

1 Jan - Richard Dunne writes to parents explaining some of the reasons which led to the school stats being what they are. He states: "If the school had not been stripped of its senior resources last year, the results are likely to have been even stronger."

Read the full email here.

2 Jan - Educationalist and Ashley grandparent Dr Roger Hutchins compiles an independent report into Ashley's stats, based on the publicly available data. It is published on this website. Dr Hutchins concludes: "there is... no trend indicating a drop in the overall performance of the school."

Read the full report here.

8 Jan - The GST responds to NW's open letter: "The Trust continues to brief and update the Department of Education on the leadership arrangements at the school so they are fully informed of developments."

Read the full response here.

17 Jan - The allegations against Mr Dunne are finally made public, with contextual information and Mr Dunne's rebuttals, plus comments from other interested parties. One notes: 
"The way the Governing Body and the GST treated Richard is deplorable. I am sad to say whilst working at Ashley, I saw a great man, who dedicated his life to the teaching profession and Ashley School, treated with a complete lack of respect. I have little faith in their stewardship of the school."
Read the allegations in full here.

17 Jan - A quiz night run by Ashley parents in East Molesey raises £1490 for Richard Dunne's fighting fund. His online crowdfunder has reached £21,690.

18 Jan - Two Ashley parents, Lou and Tom Bradley, set up a petition asking the Secretary of State for Education to intervene: "We have thought long and hard and believe an independent investigation is the only way to get to the truth."

Read the full text of the petition (and sign it, if you want) here.

20 Jan - The GST responds to the publication of the allegations: 
"Ashley Church of England Primary School continues to be a very highly valued member of our Trust family. We believe that the school has a strong future. Building on its achievements, we are committed to excellent educational outcomes for all the children in our care."
Read the full GST response here.

23 Jan - Dominic Raab, the MP for Esher and Walton, writes to the Secretary of State for Education: "I wanted to raise with you directly the concerns of local parents, and better understand what oversight and accountability can be exercised in relation to TGST - either by D of E or Ofsted."

Read the letter here.

7 Feb - The petition set up by Lou and Tom Bradley (see 18 Jan entry above) is signed by enough parents to represent the majority of families who attend Ashley School. A press release is sent out to mark this.

Read the full press release here.

21 Feb - Georgia Bailey, the Ashley School caterer, resigns, saying:
"It seems that everything that Richard did to make Ashley such a unique school is being swept away. I feel that I have to stand up and be counted and I hope to continue to support Richard Dunne and his family, and the wider school community in seeking an independent inquiry into what has led to this."
Read Georgia's statement in full here.

29 April - Mr Dunne asks for help

Richard Dunne reveals the Good Shepherd Trust has referred his case to the Teaching Regulation Agency which has the power to take him off the teacher register. Personal references matter in these investigations, so he asks parents, children and staff for help.

Read Mr Dunne's letter here.

7 May - Mr Dunne receives help

The personal references start flooding in. Read a selection here. Mr Dunne eventually sends 380 references to the Teaching Regulation Agency alongside his evidence refuting the Good Shepherd Trust's allegations.

13 May - The Good Shepherd Trust, bullying and Nigel Stapleton

The serious allegations about Nigel Stapleton, former chair of Ashley's Local Governing Committee, are finally published. Read them here.

15 July - Exonerated. Vindicated.

The Teaching Regulation Agency throw out all allegations against Mr Dunne. 

Mr Dunne tells parents: 
"We are so pleased that the nightmare of the past year is now over. It has been the most difficult time of our lives and I cannot put into words the pain and the suffering we have gone through after 18 years at the school. We have grieved so much. What the Trust did and the way it went about it was wrong and I hope now that they will be held to account for their actions."
Read the full story here.

17 July - new LGC chair resigns

Chris Howard, the new LGC chair brought in to replace Nigel Stapleton, resigns. The Reverend Cathy Blair, former vice-chair, is made interim chair.

More here.

20 July - Surrey Advertiser writes up Richard Dunne's victory

The Surrey Advertiser writes a lengthy article about Mr Dunne's exoneration by the Teaching Regulation Agency. It contains a statement from the Good Shepherd Trust noting:
"the trust will be reflecting on our internal processes and judgements, using the summer break to finalise the steps we are putting in place to move forward."
Read the full article here.

03 Sep - a former teacher comes forward with a few startling revelations

Sonia Berglund, former Badger class teacher, lets NW publish her letter to the Teaching Regulation Agency in support of Richard Dunne. It names names and describes an extraordinary meeting at a private members club in London involving Nigel Stapleton.


03 January

Parent governor Karola Zakrzewska resigns.

04 January

A new head teacher, Jennie Ratcliff is announced. Ms Ratcliff is the head of a one-form entry inadequate school also run by the Good Shepherd Trust.

08 January

Karola Zakrzewska releases a statement explaining why she resigned. It is to do with the appointment of Ms Ratcliff and alleges the GST failed to follow its own processes in recruiting her:
"No LGC member was part of the hiring process for Mrs Ratcliff. For previous candidates interviewed for the role, a member of the LGC was included in those interviews. And as per the Scheme Of Delegation, there should have been a member of the LGC as “a representative on the appointment panel.”
11 January

The GST responds (via Alex Clark) to Ms Zakrzewska's statement about Ms Ratcliff's appointment, saying: "a full recruitment process was not necessary."

The summary of the response is here. The full text of the email is here.

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