26 November 2019

A4T letter sent to parents after the meeting at Esher RFC

Emailed on 26 November 2019:

"Hi All,

A huge thank you for coming along last night to share your opinions, and show your support for Richard Dunne, our incredible staff, and amazing school. Let’s build on the momentum, and ensure we harness the amazing passion and energy of our special community!
There is much ground to be covered. When emailing, please use the relevant subject headers below so we can keep on top of the admin.

Next steps:

•    FUNDING. Top priority is setting up a crowdfunding vehicle for Richard. This is being explored as a matter of urgency and details will be shared asap. If you have any experience in this field please email this address using the subject: FUNDING

•    OBJECTIVES. We are working on a mechanic to allow everyone to input on priorities so we determine where best to focus our energy and resources going forwards. More on this asap.

•    TARGETED WORKING GROUPS. We need helpers! If you’re able to assist in any capacity – from general admin to specific skillsets, do let us know. Suggested areas include general admin, HR, legal, PR/comms, accounting, IT, SEND, charities, governance, research, eco, harmony, lobbying, event management or anything else you feel relevant. Please tell us how you can help, using the email subject: WORKING GROUPS

•    PARENTS COUNCIL. It was agreed by the vast majority of attendees at the meeting last night that we look to establish a formal parents council to work collaboratively with the GST, LGC and school. We will take this forward immediately. Details to follow. If you wish to contribute to this please email this address using the subject: PARENTS COUNCIL

•    DECK INFO. If you would like to receive the deck shown at the meeting, we are happy to distribute. Please email us accordingly using the subject header: INFO DECK.

More to follow on the above.

As always let’s proceed in the spirit of harmony and collaboration, and above continue to show respect to all concerned, especially those with different views. The upcoming Christmas Bazaar will be a fantastic way to show our love for the school.
Thank you again.

Ashley 4 Transparency parents group"

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