27 December 2019

Richard Dunne's fighting fund passes £20,000

Over Christmas Richard Dunne's fighting fund appeal reached and passed the £20,000 mark. It has been running exactly a month, raising an average of £672 a day. Whichever way you look at it, that is a phenomenal achievement.

To mark this, I thought it would be nice to re-publish a selection of the comments left by donors:

"Mr Dunne helped provide me with the best start in life, so I want to give back to him to help clear his professional reputation. Thank you, Mr Dunne." - Ian Volkov, 25 Dec

"Keep fighting Richard. You are hands down the very best headteacher I ever worked with." - Rachel Turner, 30 Nov 

"I was a newly qualified teacher when I first joined Ashley and I learnt so much from working there for 9 years under Richard’s warm leadership. Whilst at the school, I grew in so many ways and it has shaped me as a teacher. I still teach by the same core Ashley values. It deeply saddens me that it has come to this. Your last day at Ashley should have been a really happy occasion with lots of pupils, parents and staff (past and present) showing their appreciation for everything you have done for the school. Not like this... Sending you and your lovely family support from Tokyo. Kaori x" - Kaori Ota 25 Dec

"Ashley school has been a huge part of my life that has given me so many great memories as a pupil and more recently as a member of staff and that is all thanks to Richard Dunne." - Dylan Crawford, 30 Nov

"You are an incredible man and this is so wrong." Damian and Ali, 24 Dec

"Richard, through your inspiration, vision and the nurturing environment of Ashley school you provided a place for my daughters to flourish. Instilling in them a set of values and principles that will last a lifetime. Good luck to you and your family and thank you from mine, Lee, Zeala, Cicely & Lydia." - Lee Day, 24 Dec

"Thanks for everything you've done for Ashley... you created a truly special place." Steve and Jo Riding, 17 Dec

"I feel so fortunate to have taught under your leadership and have learnt so much from you. I feel very sad that my daughter won’t get to hear a Mr Dunne assembly should she possibly go to Ashley when she starts school :-( But your passion for the harmony project, sustainability and your utter belief that little people can change the world has had such an impact on so many children, staff and parents and I’ve no doubt that will continue in whatever is next for you! Lots of love to you, Charlotte and family. Love Katharine, James and Amelie x" - Katharine Scott, 14 Dec

"I’m absolutely appalled at the treatment of such a successful, inspirational and caring Head teacher. I have 4 grandchildren, past and present, at Ashley who are all thriving thanks to the great leadership of Mr Dunne. Good luck for the future." - Linda Meek, 7 Dec

"Richard, you have built such an amazing and special school and have been such an inspiration to so many children, staff and parents. We are so saddened by the way in which you and your family have been treated by an organisation that seems to have forgotten the core principle on which it is supposed to be based and we are fully behind you. We and the rest of the Ashley community will keep on doing all that we can to help you achieve what is just and right. With love, Marcus, Issy and Aiden" - Marcus Kelly, 7 Dec

"It's shocking that you are in this position Richard, after you have given your all to Ashley. Please be assured of our support and gratitude for being such an inspirational head teacher. Good luck in fighting this injustice! Sarah & Cara Anthony xx" - Sarah Anthony, 5 Dec

"I have been a Supply teacher occasionally at your school. You were an excellent Head Teacher who inspired others. I'm very sad to hear what has happened. Inexcusable." - Judith Snell, 4 Dec

"Hi Richard, my nephew goes to your school and I know even from afar what a wonderful job you have done there! As a barrister, I know how strenuous proceedings can be for people, but also how worthwhile. Don't stop fighting the good fight!" - Gemma Kelly, 3 Dec

"Richard, we are heart broken that you and your family are being put through this. You gave our kids the very best start in life and for that we will always be most grateful. You will always have our love, respect and support xx" - Sarah Adam, 3 Dec

"So sorry it’s all come to this! We miss you at school and are so grateful for the wonderful impact you’ve already had on Ben and Ed school lives." Libby & Andy Wybrow, 2 Dec

"Thanks for all you've done for Ashley School. You have our unwavering respect and support." - Melissa Christopher, 30 Nov

"Our whole family is standing by you Mr Dunne. You are the most exceptional leader and we feel so blessed to have had you in our lives bringing up our children during these important, informative primary years. Richard Dunne has unique strengths, the ability to reach, inspire and motivate our whole community - children, parents and staff alike. He brings meaning to everything the children learn and experience. We are in admiration that he leads by example with a curriculum involving Harmony. He has quite an extraordinary impact, encouraging the very best for our children - for them to become independent thinkers and for that we are truly grateful. This situation should never have come to this and we will do all that we can to help." Clare, Jeremy, George & Jamie Long, 30 Nov

If you want to read all the comments they are on the crowdfunding website here.

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