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Hi - thanks for taking a look at this website.

The first thing to tell you is that it works much better in a desktop browser rather than mobile. The desktop version is much easier to navigate with links to popular posts, an archive, a contact form and other useful bits and bobs.

If you wish to orientate yourself:

Read the brief introductory note about Richard Dunne and take a look at the timeline, which has links to a lot of key information. If you are wondering who I am, the short answer is that I am an Ashley parent and journalist. For the long answer, click on the about page.

This website has been set up to try to forensically parse what has been going on at Ashley School over the last few months. It is wholly independent of anyone but me. I have the final say on what appears on it. It is motivated by what appears to be the appalling treatment of a much-loved and highly-respected head teacher, but my aim is to be objective as possible with the facts as I find them.

Holding to account, challenging the narrative, voicing opinions, publishing evidence.

I want to hold the Good Shepherd Trust and the Ashley School board of governors the (LGC) to account. But it is also about giving people a confidential platform to share their opinions and feelings about what is happening inside and outside Ashley school, anonymously if appropriate.

To this end I am inviting submissions, ideas and guest posts from anyone reading this - current and former parents, governors, GST staff members, Ashley staff members, teachers at other GST schools, educationalists, education journalists, MPs - the lot. There's a big ol' rock here - let's lift it up and take a look at what's underneath.

Please have a nosy around the website and use the contact form to tell me what you think, correct an error, suggest a piece or offer some information. All messages via the contact form are secure and go straight to my personal email inbox.


It is part of the job of a journalist to protect sources. All communication will be treated as confidential by default, unless it is submitted anonymously by a third party - in which case I will assume it is for publication. I will not post anything you ask me to consider for publication without a long discussion about the implications.

I can also talk you through how to get documents into the public domain without them being traced back to you. If you believe it is in the public interest to share information in this way, I can help you do that.

Any material, including just a short piece about what you think of whats been going on over the past few months (or a specific thing within that timescale) can quite easily be published anonymously (ie without your name attached), but I will have to be satisfied you are who you say you are and that you have a good reason for wishing to remain anonymous.

So please have a look around, and if you are involved in the story, please consider writing something for this website. It is just as important to show the strength of feeling in depth about what's going on, from all quarters.

Happy reading!


Useful links

Timeline - starts with a message from Ashley School co-heads Jackie Stevens and Richard Dunne sent to parents on 9 Sep 2019 stating: ""We are both very much looking forward to working together in our co-headship role."

Richard Dunne's alleged catering racket - the GST accuse someone "senior" at Ashley School and their "spouse" of personally profiting from school funds by thousands of pounds. But is everything really as it seems...?

Finally, the allegations against Mr Dunne - I finally got my hands on some documentary evidence. On the face of it, the allegations against Mr Dunne,don't really seem to stack up. And there is evidence of a witch-hunt.

Ashley School website.

Good Shepherd Trust website.

A4T facebook page - operated by the A4T comms team.

About - how and why I got involved.

Richard Dunne - who is this geezer, then?

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