Richard Dunne

Richard Dunne, pictured outside Ashley School
At the beginning of September term 2019, Ashley School's outstanding head teacher, Richard Dunne disappeared.

It emerged his employer, the Good Shepherd Trust, had made "a number of allegations" about his "performance".

Seven weeks later, Mr Dunne resigned, stating: "I strongly reject the allegations levied by the Trust, but, given the way the Trust has conducted itself so far, I do not believe that I will receive a fair hearing."

Mr Dunne is now raising funds to take legal action against his former employer. This website has been set up to try to find out what exactly has been going on.

To read the full text of Mr Dunne's resignation letter, click here.
To read the parental response to Mr Dunne's resignation, click here.
To read the GST's response to Mr Dunne's resignation, click here.

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