18 November 2019

Richard Dunne's resignation letter

Emailed at 5.05pm on 18 November 2019:

"Dear Staff, Parents and Children of Ashley School,

It is with a very heavy heart that I write to inform you that I have resigned from my position at the school with immediate effect.  The Good Shepherd Trust has made a number of allegations about my performance regarding procedures and practices.  I strongly reject the allegations levied by the Trust, but, given the way the Trust has conducted itself so far, I do not believe that I will receive a fair hearing in relation to the concerns they have raised and so I have resigned.

I am also resigning due to the total lack of care my family and I have received from the Trust during this time.  It has made the past few months intolerable and it is not fair on my family for this suffering to continue.

It has been the greatest honour of my life to have led Ashley School for so many years, to have seen the school grow from one-form of entry to close to full three-forms of entry, to have worked with so many wonderful people, both staff and parents, and, most importantly, to have seen so many children flourish during their time at the school.

I am deeply saddened that after 18 years of devoted service to the school, I should be leaving in this way.  I wish you all every success in the future and thank you for so many happy years working together to make Ashley School the special school it is, and I hope will continue to be.

Very best wishes to you all,

Richard Dunne"

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